ZONTA ROSE DAY and INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2022 should be an occasion to send special
greetings to all women and girls! It is also a good opportunity to say thank you and appreciation to all
Zontians for their dedication and tireless efforts to make the lives of women and girls a little better
and to help all women and girls reach their full potential.

Right now it is particularly important to implement our mission and vision. At a time when a global
pandemic has presented our society with a major challenge. We have all been affected in some way,
but especially girls and women in countries that already face difficult living conditions on a daily basis
have made the situation even worse. Our international service projects, which should now be
particularly supported by us, should be emphasized here.

For a few days now, a war of aggression, here in Europe, has triggered a lack of understanding, shock
and anger among us. The suffering of the people of Ukraine is unimaginable and their future uncertain.
Here, too, women, girls and old people are particularly affected. Our thoughts are with our Ukrainian

In view of these facts, which make our world “shake” quite a bit, and that is precisely why we must not
lose sight of our mission and vision and support our international projects. As you know, our biennium
comes to an end at the end of May and with it the opportunity to make a donation that will be
attributed to this biennium. Yes, these are difficult times and fundraising events have been almost
impossible, but we should remember that others are far worse off and our help is urgently needed.
Thank you for your donations so far, at club level and as individuals, we’ve made some progress in the
district, but there’s still room for improvement. Therefore, the request is to make a last-ditch effort
and make a donation to mark ZONTA Rose Day.
All those clubs that have not yet donated should be
particularly addressed by this request. Now would be the right time to do this!

With this in mind, we are preparing to celebrate ZONTA Rose Day very special this year by giving a
clear and concrete signal of solidarity and a strong sign as ZONTA, by donating as a club or as a member
to the Zonta Foundation for Women , every little amount is welcome and can make a huge difference!

Please donate now, it’s very simple: https://zonta.org/donate