We strongly support Ukraine!

We strongly support Ukraine and any humanitarian actions that can help the people in Ukraine, regardless of their nationality.

We are Slavs also and feel deeply when Slavs fight amongst each other.

As a part of a nation that went through a similar ordeal and a foreign invasion in the first half of the 90’s we know how important it is to spread awareness and support, instead of support due to different times and different and indirect way that the news outlets worked, we had sanctions and embargo on import of arms ( 7 years ) much needed to defend our loved ones, our homes and our country. Awareness and support spread very slowly across the world and the war took for much longer than it should have. Bullies only stop when they are stopped, not before. Of course, no one is expecting direct involvement of third parties, and maybe that could even prove to be counter productive but it is important to give people a fighting chance. Regardless of the arguments of any of the sides involved that you may think hold any merit, please remember that all of this is happening on the territory of only one country, Ukraine, a sovereign nation.

Please keep in mind one more thing – when the unrest started in Croatia, nobody believed it will escalate to war, when we were deep in the war, Bosnians did not believe it could spread to Bosnia, and when battles raged in Bosnia, people from Kosovo thought that part will remain at peace, so to learn from our own history,  we do not believe this is ‘’their thing’’, Ukraine is not a distant land and all of this is just two streets down and may (God forbid) spread to the neighboring countries as wild forest fire.